7 tips to shine on evening dresses

Show off your evening dresses in a perfect way!

A wedding, a graduation or a fancy dinner are some of the reasons to look for perfect evening dress and feel like a celebrity at the red carpet. Life gives us very few opportunities to wear a long dress. It is a privilege and a challenge to find that dress.

To begin with, you have to be inspired by new trends in the latest international luxury events. Find photos of how celebrities have been dressed and have made that rug shine. From a V-neckline to the new trend in transparencies, you have to be informed of all that, and you will be on the list of the best dressed!

Jovani, an important brand of the fashion industry, gives us the seven best tips to shine with your evening dresses.

Ball Gown Style

The fairytale princess dresses are back with great brilliance. It’s time for you to look like Cinderella. This trend is characterized because the upper part is strapless and the lower part has a skirt with a lot of volume. This dress manages to define your waist and give your hips a width. Zooey Deschanel, has not resisted taking this new trend to the Golden Globes. Also, there is a variety of fabrics for this dress. You can wear it with rhinestones or embroidery. Do not miss the opportunity to dazzle!

You can bet on the trend in V

The neckline will always be the best option to add sensuality to your dress. It is a mixture of elegance and audacity. Margot Robbie and Eva Longoria bet on using these trends in the latest edition of the Golden Globes. What is the secret to using it? You have to have the up parts in place though. Use adhesive and make sure they do not show. Also, this type of neckline is ideal if you are a person with a small bust.

The perfect shoes

If there is one important thing after the dress, it is the shoes. Choosing a good pair of shoes for your evening dresses is a difficult task. However, if you manage to combine it with your dress, you will succeed. Everything will depend on the tone of your dress, for example, if you wear a black dress you can choose golden heels. On the other hand, if you wear a blue dress, your shoes have to be silver. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the shoes. Do not choose shoes that you can not walk with!

Choose the perfect accessories

The trick of choosing accessories to go with dresses is that they have to look good together and according to the event. Therefore, it will depend on the tone of your skin and your own personality. The accessories for a night event are usually made of a shiny material, which adds glamour and beauty. Also, remember that if you choose very long earrings, it is no longer necessary to use a necklace.

Do not forget the hair removal!

Some people believe that because you are wearing a long dress, you do not need to shave. However, that is the worst thing you can do. Shave your legs and arms days before, since doing it very close to the date, will leave your skin red. Take the opportunity to exfoliate and tone up those areas of your skin.


Not everyone loves to be on a diet or have the needed discipline to follow one. You do not to do it all the time, but if you can watch the things you eat some days or even a week before the great day, you will feel more confident and pretty on your evening dress.

Important details

If you are going to use a neckline on your chest or your back, prepare those areas. Exfoliate your back and chest to remove all dead cells that have accumulated over time. Also, place a toner that matches your skin tone. Also, remember that the same day of the event you can apply a translucent powder that helps prevent the shine generated by sweat. If your dress includes a neckline on the chest, with the help of a bronzer you can pronounce the curves of your breasts.

It’s time for you to look like a Hollywood star!