Top 3 Fashionable Smartwatches for Women to Buy this Year

There is an abundance of smartwatches in the market that have extensive uses. However, most of them are bulky with a masculine touch which makes them unfit for females. There is nothing wrong with a female wearing a heavy and bold smartwatch but for people who likes feminine and minimalist designs, the options are limited and very few. Some people, especially women like to make a fashion statement with the latest smartwatch in the market and wear them as accessory. For such people, here are the top fashion forward smartwatches that are not only chic but also have advanced functions.

Phase from Misfit

In addition to the fitness trackers and health gears, Misfit has taken a new step towards technology and gadgets by introducing the new Phase series. All the smartwatches in the Misfit Phase series have been getting high praises for their minimalist designs that are perfect for delicate and slim writs.

Females of all ages can wear the Misfit Phase to make a fashion statement, especially businesswomen. Although the watch has an analog display, it can perform all the functions of a high tech smartwatch. Here are some additional features of Misfit Phase to take note of.

  • It acts as a fitness tracker. You can monitor heartbeat rate, count steps and total distance while running or doing various exercises
  • It is best known for its minimalist and delicate design which is perfect for making fashion statements at work
  • You can connect it with your smartphone to get alerts for calls, text messages and social media networks.
  • The analog display changes color when notifications arrive
  • There are multiple watches in the Phase series, each with a different design and color. You can choose your favorite from shades of white, matte black and rose gold
  • You can buy it for $175 only on Amazon

Asus ZenWatch 3

The ZenWatch smart series from Asus captured instant attention for its sleek, chic and trendy designs. It is no wonder that the latest ZenWatch 3 is being mentioned in this article. The watch regardless of its analog display acts as a smartwatch.

You can connect it with your smartphone and get notifications about texts, calls and social media networks, etc. However, its most noteworthy feature is the design. The Asus ZenWatch 3 has a bold style and comes in multiple shades that are perfect for women. Some other features of this smartwatch includes:

  • The main exterior of watch is made from jewelry grade 316 stainless steel that makes it easier to accessorize with females dresses
  • There is a wide range of leather brands in different colors that you can choose according to your preferences
  • The main colors include rose gold, silver and gunmetal
  • It is durable because of stainless steel and is also made from shatter resistant glass
  • The Asus ZenWatch 3 is also waterproof
  • It also supports smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity
  • You can answer phone calls and texts messages although it is only compatible with Android
  • Buy it for $229 on Amazon

Moto 360 2

The Motorola smartwatch series is especially focusing on female wearables these past few years and the Moto 360 2 smartwatch is the best example. Most smartwatches are heavy and thick which do not compliment feminine wrists plus, the watch band leaves much to be desired.

However, Moto 360 2 takes care of these frequent complains. The display piece as well as the watch band is thin and perfect for women. It is powered by Android and allows you to answer texts and calls from your phone. Here are top features of Moto 360 2:

  • You can wear it as a fashion statement since it has a very feminine design
  • There are multiple colors and shades you can choose from but the rose gold is the most attractive one
  • You customize the watch completely depending on your style and preference
  • It offers smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity for android users only
  • The long battery life is also noteworthy since it can last up to 4 weeks without recharging
  • You can buy the Moto 360 2 for $244 on Amazon though the price may vary on different retailers